We help community groups work with local councils and other providers on the design, commissioning and delivery of public services in their areas.

At Locally Made, we help communities to:

  • own and manage land and buildings
  • develop self-help projects
  • commission and run public services.

We provide hands-on advice and support to community groups, offering a fresh perspective and technical know-how. We help groups set up projects that solve a range of local issues, from empty housing to domestic violence. We also help public agencies play a supportive role, making best use of their resources.

To do all this we raise income through funders, contracts and by reinvesting some of our surpluses.

Our team has over 50 years of combined community development experience, kick-starting community-based initiatives in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas. Our staff have run small community projects, advised national and local government on important policy and legislation, and developed pioneering social innovations.

Featured video
Locally Made worked with the Carnegie UK Trust to support the www.fieryspirits.com network, providing resources and facilitating discussions on public service transfer. For more videos from this work, visit our library.

Making social impacts part of the plan: In this second excerpt from our interview with Dai Powell OBE, we talk about how HCT Group measures its social impacts, and how this influences the way they plan their business.